Public Speaking

”Good evening and welcome. I’d like to start by highlighting complacency and the hindering role it plays in our lives. Many of us are too complacent, only listening to what we are expecting to hear. Take the good people of the Starbucks tribe and their latest marketing ploy ‘getting to know our customers on first name terms’. It’s like Russian roulette with vowels….’

That’s the beginning of my attempt at mastering my public speaking skills. A few coaching pointers, lots of You Tube viewing, practice, practice and practice again… all in search of ‘natural’ confidence. Filming, critiquing, cringing… Starting the dreaded book suddenly feels more appealing and ‘author’ threatens to jump up the priority list.

I’m partial to wanting to submerge my head in sand when loitering on the edge of my comfort zone… That analysis document, that laborious set of accounts, that uncomfortable new skill I really want to conquer; it is always a personal battle to keep it on the priority list until I convince myself it is far better to get it out of the way and off the list. Whatever it is, it always get done and it gets done well but although no one would guess from the outside, the personal journey for me can be needlessly stressful given that nobody puts more pressure on me than, well, me!

Self-motivation is something I install in others in abundance but as is often the case, these things become a little more tricky when they’re closer to home – especially when it comes to speaking in public about me, myself and I. I absolutely have the skills to do it, I can do it on behalf of a business or pitch for new business but it is the subject matter which challenges me.

If I had a pound or a dollar for every time someone has said ‘you should write a book about your life’, I’d have quite a lot of spare cash so for that reason, the book is now something I’ve added to my list of things to do in life – I want to communicate  that ‘anything really is possible’ and this is the story of why.

I’ve made a start on the thing several times but when referring to the detail from my childhood years, emotion kicks in and the book takes an incoherent turn for the worse and begins to resemble rambling ‘therapy’ on paper…. And so, TheEvolutionOf.Me blog was born!

Writing short motivational pieces about things which I have experienced – good and bad – and the lessons I’ve learned along the way seems like a logical way to keep focussed. One day, I will have evolved more, more time will have passed and I’ll be ready to write the book but for now, I’ll stick with my blog!

Given that the book has been shelved until a later date and with the blog now in progress… The public speaking dilemma creeps higher up the list. Urrrgghhhh!

I will keep practising, I will keep striving to conquer this and maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but some day, you may see me on a stage somewhere in London, confidently and coherently talking about my journey…The Evolution of Me.