July 29



This year I started using a five year Q&A diary, intrigued about the outcome. I was interested to see how my answers to the same questions would change over a five year period.

Each page of the diary covers one day and at the top of each page, there is a question. There are 5 spaces down the page, where you answer the same question on the same day every year for five years, giving you a very clear picture at the end as to how you and your views may have changed, or not, as may be the case.

I am only on the seventh month of the first year so I am not yet able to reel off any profound longer term observations or comparisons but I am really stumped by one of the questions. Having left answering it for another time and wanting to give it more thought before committing pen to paper… a few months on, it still niggles away in my brain; unanswered.

The question in query is; ‘If you could be anyone for just one day, who would you be?’

I don’t want to sound narcissistic as ego rarely features in my personal DNA but I really don’t want to be anyone else… Not even for one day. People are not as they seem, perception is everything and if I were to become someone I admire, the likelihood of my perception being shattered is probably fairly high. Some dreams should be left as just that; dreams!

So a glimpse in at the monkey chatter debate would yield something a little like this;

If I were to become someone else for a day, would I struggle to live my life again after I changed back to being me, knowing what I may now know, seeing the world from a different perspective?

If I became one of history’s great icons, would I become them back in the time they existed or would I become them today, remains in the ground and nothing more?

If I had to choose one person, I may not make the right decision and live the rest of my life with regret.

… and so has continued my hypothetical dilemma!

I’m fairly sure that the publishers of the five year Q&A diary never intended to provoke such detailed analysis on this particular day but what I do know is; I know where I’m at being me‘. I’m happy with that, it’s enough and although not perfect, I am completely content with being me.

If I wanted to achieve things in my life which put me in the ‘icon’ category for the generations that follow, then, yes I don’t doubt for one second that it would be incredibly hard work but surely it’s easier to just strive to become whatever it is that you want to be and then live it for more than one day.

So I have decided that today is the day and after much unnecessary over-analysis, my answer to 2013’s ‘If you could be anyone for just one day, who would you be?’ question will be:

‘I wouldn’t be anyone else, not even for one day. I would choose to be me’

Although ridiculous, it is highly likely that this debate will be revisited on the same day of the same month in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017!