I have been plagued by the numbers 11:11 since I was young – seeing them everywhere imaginable and not knowing why. I once shared this with my Grandad following a Remembrance Sunday parade in the West Country village he called home. I was in my early teens and asked if he thought I may have once been a soldier killed in the war, the eleventh day of the eleventh month and all that jazz, now reincarnated as my current self… He laughed fondly and then shut me down as being ‘quite frankly ridiculous dear’ in his soft yet stern manner!

Other than that one time, I didn’t question 11:11 with anyone until I reached my early 20’s (I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 11 years after I first became aware of its presence!) and when I did, no-one was particularly interested and I still found no answers.

When I turned 30, the frequency of my 11:11 sightings had begun to bring new meaning to the phrase ‘red car syndrome’ so I hit Google… Not at all sure why I hadn’t done this before? I am a somewhat spiritual person (which can at times be contradicted by my love of logic, fact, evolution and evidence based science)  but with the volume of far fetched interpretations as to why I and many others are seeing 11:11. around this subject matter, I soon grew disinterested and moved on.

Separately, I had a terrible experience with Reiki about 6 years ago – a well meaning yet disastrous gift from my husband after which followed by six weeks of complete physical exhaustion. This was the start of a string of very serious health problems including two cancer scares and a large yet thankfully benign tumour in my thyroid.

I have come through all of the medical concerns and I have fully embraced 11.11 in my life – flying seats 11a and 11b when travelling with my husband, we got married in South East Asia on 11.11.11 as a good luck omen as well as a remembrance day tribute to my late grandparents, who I would have loved to have been with me at my wedding.

Until recently, now in my mid-thirties, I haven’t given it too much head space. I was given the all clear by the doctors some time ago told to go and live a happy and healthy life but I still really struggled with energy levels and haven’t received any satisfactory medical explanations or solutions. I hit Google again looking for a solution to my drained energy reserves, wondering what emotions my body could be harbouring and this time one of the first things to crop up was DNA activation (or Life activation) and alongside it the numbers 11:11. A breakthrough? Maybe. Nevertheless, two unresolved issues leading me to the same solution.

In a nut shell, DNA Activation poses to remove the energetic blockages to you and most people experience an increase in energy with conscious expansion being one of the main benefits.

I have since researched it at length and am booked in to see someone to have my DNA activated in a couple of weeks. We spoke on the phone and as both our schedules are fairly demanding, she wondered if the 11th would work for me? I smiled to myself and said it would work perfectly, asking what times she could see me ”well, I have 11am available?”

I confirmed 11am on the 11th and a stream of thoughts seemed to fall into place like a mind game of Connect 4 – the Reiki, the failing energy issues, the medical problems, 11.11 – I don’t know what has lead me down this path and nor do I really care. What I do know is I’m going to run with it, keep an open mind and who knows, this could be the start of something evolutionary!