hurting or helping

“Negative people are only happy when they’re bringing you down to their level

A big part of who we are capable of becoming in life has to do with the people we choose to surround ourselves with.

Having had a challenging journey myself, I am a strong believer in ‘its better to be alone than to be in bad company‘. You simply cannot expect to live a positive, fulfilling life if you surround yourself with negative and draining people.

Distancing yourself from these people is never easy and it’s a lot harder when they happen to be close friends or family members. I personally chose to walk away from both of my parents, not because I wanted it to be that way but for my own self preservation. This wasn’t a decision I made lightly and was for me, one of the emotionally toughest choices I have ever had to make… five years on, I know it was the right choice for me and for the evolution of me.

I’m not encouraging any of you to make such extreme choices nor to judge me for mine but at some point we more than likely all have people around us who fall into the ‘bad company‘ category and as hard as it may be, it’s something we all need to address.

To a certain degree, the people who walk into our lives is largely out of our control, especially when it relates to family but we each consciously decide who we want to spend the majority of our time with.

If someone close to you is truly draining you, be honest with yourself about it. Be kind but communicate your point of view.  Tell them you love them and that you want to be around them, but you need their help – most problems, big and small, within families and circles of close friends, start with bad communication.  If someone is draining you and you haven’t talked about it, they may not even know, therefore how can they be expected to change?

Ultimately, our aim should be to surround ourselves with positive, kind and loving people who make us a better person and to distance ourselves from those who don’t, resulting in a more positive and abundant life for all involved… the choice is yours to make.

“Don’t waste precious time with negative people, keep them in your heart but keep them out of your life”