There is nothing good or bad, only thinking makes it so

 For a fair few of us, our thoughts often don’t benefit us yet we still think them. When we think negatively and when we dwell on our past or worry about our future, we stop going with the flow and start to experience bottlenecks in our lives that prevent us moving forward with ease.

How often have you over analysed the ‘why me‘, the ‘whens’ and the ‘what ifs‘‎? I know for me personally, that this was my thought process for far too many years and essentially, by doing this, my thoughts were constructing my identity around what I was not. No matter how much structure we create in our lives, no matter how many good habits we build, there will always be things that we cannot control… it is how we process these things that makes the difference.

We need to correct and train our minds – instead of thinking about what we are not, our focus should be on thoughtful reflection and positive visualisation, which enables us to plan and act without seeking to control everything – finding clarity rather than building stress.

I’m sure no-one’s life is perfect but I know from experience that it’s more likely to all fall into place without spending too much time thinking about it… don’t fall victim to your own mind, stop thinking so much and go with the flow.

 “Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them