Don’t wait for inspiration. BE the inspiration


We all want to live in a better place but can we really change the world?

Although I gave up watching the news nearly 5 years ago, the fact that the world has multiple issues hasn’t passed me by so if, like me, you have a sense of doing something meaningful, something BIGGER with your time on our planet – select yourself a problem from a very long global list and start changing the world today!

With a plethora of mess on offer – from education systems to natural disasters; from cancer cures to child abuse – there’s no shortage of motivation when looking to select a cause you care about.

I don’t advise that you take on world change all at once but you can start by asking yourself: what small action can I take today? Small actions can build on each other and evolve into something much bigger but each of us has to take our own first step…

Although not impossible, it’s highly unlikely that we are going to fix the world’s problems single handed but we can all start contributing in our own way. By taking small steps as a collective, together we can make a difference and it’s that feeling of ‘making a difference’ that’s most important for our own sense of purpose and happiness.

Passion is the result of action, not the cause of it. Discovering what you’re passionate about is a trial and error process – we don’t know how we feel about something until we actually do it. So yes, the TV may be mesmerising, the sofa may be an easier option and the day at work may have depleted our enthusiasm supplies but if you really have a desire to change the world, the only real option you have is to get out, get ‘doing’ and see where that first step on the journey of change takes you…

By focusing on the next action you’ll begin to make progress without being overwhelmed or daunted by the big goal. Don’t procrastinate, begin with one small first step, followed by another, then another and then some more… before you know it, you’ll be more than just walking, you’ll have moved mountains!

What one thing can you ‎start doing in the next 24 hours? I’d love to hear what you’re doing to make the world a better place – leave a comment or visit me on Twitter @EvolutionOfoMe

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world

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