“When the WHY is clear, the HOW is easy”‎

When you have clarity, you are able to see and understand things clearly. Without it you can feel confused. When you are clear, people understand you – yet when you are cluttered, you can send out mixed messages.

Clarity is about your state of mind and thoughts. Clear thought creates clear results and on the flip-side, if your thoughts are unclear then the world has a tendency to reflect that back to you.

As a general rule, I’m a fairly good decision maker, however, I can recall countless times where I have been unsure about going to an event and have had a hard time making a final decision, be it a friends party, a networking event or a conference. When I’m not clearly communicating about what it is I want, miscommunication is what I often get back!

So having not been able to make a final decision about whether or not to go, you’d be correct in assuming that I hadn’t yet given any thought to how I’m going to get there if I do decide to show up. My personal experience has taught me that when my thoughts are ambivalent, this is exactly what gets reflected back to me and if I finally decide to go, I can expect trains to be cancelled and traffic jams to pop up, resulting in lateness or absence on my part.

On the other hand, when I’ve had perfect clarity about what I wanted to accomplish, my plans have manifested without a hitch!

We can all apply the idea of getting more clarity to any area of our lives – from relationships to health and from clients to wealth. By being honest with yourself about what it is that you really want and replacing ambiguity with specifics, you will start to see clearer results and experience more of what you really want coming into your life.

“Know who you are and be it – Know what you want and go get it”

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