the best things come to those who wait but only things left by THOSE WHO HUSTLE

I recently revisited a blog post I wrote back in October and was surprised to read: “…A key part of our evolutionary journey is to ‘connect’ to others. We should consciously seek out our community and if doesn’t exist, then we need to create it. Your evolution doesn’t end with you, my evolution doesn’t end with me – transformational work ripples out far beyond you, me and our personal stories, it becomes integrated into the tribes we join, the communities we form, and the way that we lead – our stories don’t exist if there is no one around to hear them…”

I generally move fast and rarely look back so making time to reflect doesn’t often make the to-do list but I’ll take this little lesson on board. I’ve been through a lot of change every year of my life since I can remember but particularly in the past year and I have finally reached a point where I have walked away from anything and anyone that no longer serves me. Given that ‘people’ are included in that statement, I really wanted to refresh my network so THOSE WHO HUSTLE was born – an on and offline network of inspiring entrepreneurs, go-getters and modern-day hustlers connecting, creating & collaborating. To see my unconscious thoughts hard at work, long before the concept even hit my consciousness took me by surprise and instead of ‘it just came to me out of nowhere’, I now know better!

Those who hustle reached my consciousness around 4 weeks ago and already has a website, over 1500 followers on social media with the first meetup event will be scheduled to happen in central London in the next few weeks.

Given that my blog is all about the evolution of me, I’m making a promise to myself to reread it from its conception 2 years ago through to current day. It’ll be interesting to see how much I’ve actually evolved and to see whether there are any other lessons hidden in my words. I’m looking forward to seeing where THOSE WHO HUSTLE goes and as per my thoughts in the ‘six degrees of evolution‘ post, I firmly stand by my own words – If your community doesn’t exist; create it!

…do the unexpected, trust your instincts & find the others

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog, I hope you find inspiration in my words

Sallee Poinsette-Nash a business, brand & people specialist

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