don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice

Intuition is something we’re all born with, a profound sense of inner ‘knowing’. As human beings, it’s one of the greatest tools and survival guides we have. At various points in our lives, we will all experience those hunches, or gentle nudges, that we so often ignore or try to wave off as being simply our imagination – only to find out later that it was correct. I like to view my natural intuition as a highly tuned inner-compass, receiving intuitive information about energy, people, places, and objects.

I recently went to the dentist to follow up on a filling from a few months before. The tooth hadn’t been right since the work was done and my intuition was telling me it was poor workmanship. The dentist took an x-ray and praised the exceptional quality of the work done by his employer, before going on to tell me that it was highly likely I had a bone tumour in my jaw and was to see a specialist immediately to ascertain whether it was benign.

Disbelief and horror flooded through me and I asked to see the x-ray. I questioned whether an infection was possible, caused by the tooth and filling because that is what it looked like to me? I received an abrupt response from his ego of ‘well that’s why I’m a dentist and you’re not’.

I went for a coffee whilst waiting for my referral letter and tried to remain calm. I focused on what I was feeling rather than thinking (a full brain meltdown was now in progress!) and yet I still had a strong sense that the dentist was incorrect in their assumptions. A few days later, I saw a specialist at the hospital and after an examination and a series of scans, I was informed that I had a chronic infection in my jaw caused by the said filling which would require nothing more than a root canal to resolve it.

Having previously had tumours and major health scares, I was glad I stuck with my intuition this time and remained both calm and positive because I’m fully aware that receiving news about a health scare like this can send a person in to a flat spin… trust me, I’ve been there before and its anything but productive! It all worked out well, which I suspected it might and needless to say, my next move is to register with a new dental practice!

Like many of us, I don’t always follow my own intuition because it can be so subtle, and at times it can be mistaken for just a thought rather than an intuitive nudge. I’m learning to go with my gut more and more and on this occasion, if I hadn’t trusted that feeling of ‘I KNOW’ this isn’t what it appears to be, then I could very easily have shifted to a darker and more negative mindset within minutes! Sometimes we just have to trust what we are feeling – even though all logic is pointing in a different direction!

We all have that inner sense of knowing. It’s that gut feeling – it’s just a matter of tuning in, listening to it and trusting the process.

Next time you’re about to make a decision, maybe you receive some bad news or you simply sense that something is off, stop for a moment and ask yourself, “How do I FEEL about this? Does it feel positive or negative?” and then move forward trusting your own instincts and watch how it plays out…

there is a voice that doesn’t use words… listen

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Sallee Poinsette-Nash: a business, brand & people specialist