Thank you so much for stopping by – I’m Sallee Poinsette-Nash, a London based Business & Brand Specialist. I’m a troubleshooter, a mentor and founder of THOSE WHO HUSTLE.

THE EVOLUTION OF ME is my personal blog, where I share random stories from my, at times, unconventional journey and some of the lessons I’m learning along the way.

In everything I do, regardless of whether it’s about people, businesses or brands, my intention is always, ‘what can I share, what can I learn’ – how can I use myself as a vehicle for something bigger than this conversation? How can anything I’m doing here, cause another person to see themselves, their business or their brand in a different way? A way that opens them up, gives them that ‘Hmmm…I’ve never thought of it in that way before’ moment.

…I LIVE FOR THAT MOMENT, I really do! When I see and feel someone experience ‘I never thought of it in that way ‘, a wave of excitement surges through me because I know, no matter how small, they have just stumbled across a new way of looking at life – it’s personal evolution in the making!

Every life has a story, every story has a lesson… there is something to be learned from every experience we have. My upbringing often held little regard for my humanity and although I didn’t fully recognise it at the time, ‘WHO I AM’ was being defined for me at a very young age. I watched on in panic as my childhood unfolded and instinctively knew ‘THIS will not be my life’. The fact that I am here, you are here, we’re all here; matters, it really matters… You become exactly what you believe, so if you believe you can live a limitless life then you will.

My blog, THE EVOLUTION OF ME was launched in mid-2013 and now has a loyal following in over 120 countries around the globe. This response inspired me to evolve into the world of social media, where it has attracted a 20,000 strong and hugely inspiring audience and for all of this, I am truly grateful.

My breakthrough moment was last year when I finally understood that my own non-conformist voice was better than conforming to someone else’s – I could be a better Sallee Poinsette-Nash than I could a pretend-anyone-else and how its evolved from there has been incredible.

“The Evolution of ME has only just begun and it continues to be a unique and miraculous journey. I truly hope the Evolution of YOU proves to be the same”

Stand Tall . Live Strong . Keep Evolving


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